Your Subconscious May be in Control When You’re in a Retail Environment. – Infographics

Ever felt like you were on autopilot when you’re shopping? Well, you quite possibly were, new research has been carried out to test which areas of the brain are stimulated when the subject was faced with different choices of retail products.

The study of Neuromarketing is based on the theory that choices can be influenced by the clever use of packaging or celebrity endorsement or manipulation of one of the other senses.

The brain doesn’t have time to carefully consider the 10000 or so decisions it makes every day so it takes shortcuts by making associations between seemingly unconnected things based on previous experience and our base instincts.

The 2.5 seconds allocated to each choice is achieved by the brain’s shorthand and its ability to link emotions to feedback from the senses. This all can happen in around 90% of the decisions we normally make on an average day in our busy lives.

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The Psychology of Shopping