Who Owns Your News? The Top 100 Digital News Outlets and Their Ownership – Infographics

Do you ever stop and wonder who exactly is in control of the news you consume every single day? This infographic from titlemax.com answers this question by taking a hard look at the companies and individuals that own the top 100 digital news outlets.

This list of 100 news sites was compiled through the top newspapers by average Sunday circulation, the top digital news outlets by monthly visitors, and using Alexa’s top news sites. While some of these news sites are owned by the largest communications companies like AT&T or Comcast, others are owned by powerful families.

The New York Times has been owned and run by the Sulzberger family since 1896. The Murdoch family has international influence for many years and currently has part-ownership of FoxNews.com, New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal; three of the most well-known and influential news sites in the world. That’s a lot of power for just one family!

Who Owns Your News


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