What can we expect from the future generation of over 60s? – Infographics

We don’t know what is going to happen in the future, or what people are going to be like. Our current over 60 generations have stereotypes associated with them, but in 30 years’ time, when millennials become over the 60s, will those stereotypes have changed? Will seniors be different? This infographic by Age UK Mobility explores what an over 60 might look like in 2050.

Exploring a range of topics including technology, entertainment, health, fashion and value and attitudes, the infographic looks at the main contributing factor from each subject and how that might affect a generation.

The accompanying article breaks each of these topics down, even more, getting expert advice and exploring everything from how driverless cars might affect how people spend time, to how the current housing market might affect the course of people’s lives. Both of these elements combine to start painting a picture of what millennials may be like when they hit 60.

What will The Future over 60s Look Like