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Lesson Overview:
In this lesson Scott takes you through the essential items you need to be prepared for any gig situation. Coming to a gig prepared can really help you out if disaster strikes and you are much more likely to be called back to play again if you can deal with those situations well.

During the lesson Scott touches on the importance of having a tuner. For any musician, whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, having a tuner can make a large difference in a live situation. Besides the obvious benefits of being able to stay consistently in tune over the course of a set, there is the added benefit of being able to do so silently. As much as tuning by ear is a valuable skill, in the context of a performance being able to tune quickly and silently can add an air of professionalism to your performances. It’s also quite handy being able to turn on your pedal just to mute your bass in silent sections.

Tuning up by ear in the middle of a set can really interrupt the flow of the set and will at best be met by a room full of expressionless faces. I’ve have actually seen the support band at quite a large venue do this before and it really took away from what was otherwise great music. I also can’t imagine it gave a good impression to the band they were supporting.

You can never really underestimate the value of having a back up. I’ve had nearly new leads die on me in the middle of a song on more than one occasion. I actually used to have a teacher who carried around an A440 tuning fork as a backup for tuning. I am not really sure what has to happen on a gig for you to break out a tuning fork but I imagine it’s not dissimilar to the apocalypse.

Gig Bag Essentials:
– Spare Strings
– Snippers (Pliers)
– Power Extension (Power Strip)
– Multitool
– Tuner
– Leads (Instrument Cables), Patch Cables, Power Cables
– Stand
– 9V Batteries
– Strap
– Ear Plugs

Pro Bonuses:
– String Cloth
– Torch/Maglight
– Music Stand
– Music Stand Light
– Clothes Pegs
– The Real Book
– Pen, Pencil & Paper
– Volume Pedal (Dunlop Volume X)

Your Homework:
What’s your number one gig bag essential?

Do you have a gear related gig disaster story?

Let us know in the comments below!

– See you all next week, Travis Moore – Academy Community manager.


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