The Last Straw – Infographics

It’s hard to avoid the plastic-free movement. And for good reason. Since the 1950s when mass production began we’ve created more than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic. Plastic is an amazing material, durable, cheap to produce and versatile.

We are however facing down the environmental impact of single-use plastic. From trays in the supermarket, through the packaging on just about everything. Only around 10% of the plastic we discard is actually recycled. Meanwhile, every single day 8 million items of plastic find their way into our oceans. That’s a whole bunch of waste.

Plastic straws are a part of this mess. Albeit relatively small by volume at the same time they are the 7th most collected item during beach cleanups. And they harm marine life who digest the small microplastics they break down into after 100s of years.

So its time for the last plastic straw. Thankfully bans are coming and more environmentally friendly alternatives now exist. Even McDonalds is swapping them out for the paper. They might be a bit soggy but they are improving.

So we can all do out bit by saying no to plastic straw and choosing non-plastic alternatives. In turn, helping to remove them flowing into our Oceans and causing more damage than they’re worth.

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TRVST Plastic Straw

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