The Client Journey – B2B Marketing and Lead Generation in 2019 – Infographics

The Journey Engine is the system to help your client progress from the first meeting or hearing about you like a cold prospect to becoming a hot lead, then a client, and finally, a lifelong advocate of you and your business.

Your prospects go through stages on their journey to becomings loyal advocate. Your job as a B2B marketer is to deliver value at every stage

It is a Holistic system made up of 6 mandatory stages:

1.  See – Business owners first become aware of you

2. Explore – Relationship building stage where you educate, inform, nurture and prove expertise in your industry.

3. Trust – Invite them into your tribe with real, actionable value and build your list of qualified prospects (generate leads).

4. Try – Provide deeper value and invite them to take more action (like book an appointment with you/growth session/strategy session).

5.  Buy – Convert the prospect to a client – audit (lower commitment).

6.  Advocate – Exceed client expectations to gain loyalty and referrals.


Journey Map