Sweepstakes & Giveaway – Know all – Infographics

It is a graphical representation of all you need to know about sweepstakes. It shows which age and sex are more participating in sweepstakes. The graph shows the popular items on the giveaway. Most popular prize in the US is trip & tickets which are 35% of all the gifts and Second most popular is cash sweepstakes.

Food and furniture are low popular gifts to win. The average grand prize for the cash sweepstakes is $7200. It shows which car is mostly offered by the company. Top car brands are a ford, chevy and Toyota occupies more than 60% of the car giveaway. Infographic shows which trip is most likely to win.

A popular trip is within the US, festival tickets and beach tours. 63% sweepstakes are single entry, while 37% allow multiple or daily entries. What Information they will ask if you enter sweepstakes? Email id, name are must for any sweepstakes. So when you enter next time, enter with your full potential.


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