Temple priests in Karnataka will get to brush up knowledge of Sanskrit, Vedas.

Express News Service

BENGALURU: Priests at popular temples in the state will soon get to enhance their knowledge of Sanskrit and the Vedas. The State Government has proposed to conduct short- and long-term courses for their benefit at temples that generates considerable revenue. The Endowment Department came up with the proposal and a committee has now been constituted to look into the feasibility.

Endowment Minister Kota Shrinivas Poojari told The New Indian Express that the committee, under the chairmanship of Govinda Bhat, will study the pros and cons of using temple premises for learning Sanskrit, Vedas and the Agama Shastras (manual for worship, temple building and rituals). This is expected to help those who plan to become priest as well as those who are already working as priests.

Many Sanskrit schools and colleges in the state lack basic infrastructure. “By conducting classes on the premises of temples that has good space and facilities, we can provide more amenities for those who want to learn,” he said.

Endowment department officials said the committee will also study whether it is possible to introduce one-year special courses in the Vedas and Agama Shastras. “This is like a skilling programme for young people and those who want to be priests. Senior priests from various temples will conduct practical classes for aspirants and students,” they said.

This apart, the department is planning to involve private organisations and local residents in the upkeep of lakes, ponds and kalyanis that belong to temples. “With the help of private individuals and organisations, money will be collected and utilised for rejuvenating ponds and water bodies under Jalabhisheka project,” an official said.

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