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MYSURU: Criticising the Union Budget, former chief minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah said it gives no relief to people across sections, and that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has delivered a “failed budget” that does not acknowledge the investment-starved Indian economy.Speaking to reporters in Mysuru on Saturday, he said that the budget has no concrete structure to address the issue of growing unemployment, the decline in GDP and economic challenges the country is facing.

“This is a disappointing budget which has failed distressed farmers, unemployed youth and the general public. The government failed in their fiscal discipline and is unable to control the factors responsible for reduced growth,” he said.Taking a jibe at the 16 action points proposed by Sitharaman for the agricultural sector, Siddaramaiah said, “The government has proposed 16 programmes that are conducive for corporate large-scale farming practices, which indicates that the Centre is trying to make small farmers hand over everything to corporates.

There is also a mention of Krishi Udan — how will this help a poor farmer? This will only benefit the corporate friends of the Union government,” he said. Siddaramaiah also pointed out that the Centre has announced funds for the Bengaluru suburban rail project in two budgets, but is not providing funds to carry out necessary works. Stating that the transfers from the Centre to the state have been reduced, the senior Congress leader said this will affect state expenditure. He said the centre has made another blunder by announcing the selling of shares in LIC.

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