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BENGALURU: Opposition Congress and civil society members slammed BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde for his controversial remarks terming Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom struggle as a ‘drama.’

While the Congress demanded that the Lok Sabha Speaker declare him as unfit to continue as MP, the civil society members too have demanded action against him. Meanwhile, the BJP has disowned its MP’s remarks.

In a letter to the LS Speaker, Congress leader and Supreme Court advocate Brijesh Kalappa stated that in the past Hegde had made several controversial remarks and he was not fit to continue as the MP.
“A member of parliament who has taken oath of the Constitution of India cannot make such vituperative statements. It is not only an insult to the Constitution but also an insult to the Parliament of which he is a member. No right-thinking citizen with proper faculties can utter such statements which go against the foundation of India and its freedom struggle, which every Indian feels proud of,” he stated. He urged the Speaker to declare Uttara Kannada seat vacant warranting election.

N Tippanna Gowda, vice president of Gandhi Bhavan, said it is very unfortunate that the BJP leader made such remarks about Mahatma Gandhi. “He is not aware of our freedom struggle. How can he make such a statement about Gandhiji? It is not enough to remove him from the Lok Sabha membership, but action should also be taken against him for making such remarks,” he said.

“Such statements clearly show that the BJP leaders do not have respect for Mahatma Gandhi,” said Abilash from the Gram Seva Sangh. “On one hand they talk about respect for Gandhi and they also issue such statements. If they (senior leaders) are serious about it, let them take action against him (Hegde),” he added.

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