CM’s 5-point scheme to help the poor.

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BENGALURU: Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, responding to the debate on Finance Bill on Tuesday, announced measures to help the economically weaker sections tide over the COVID-19-triggered crisis. Asserting that the government is aware of the economic implications of the disease on the poor, Yediyurappa announced five major measures, including his earlier commitment of two-month ration in advance to ease their worry.

“The government has already set aside Rs 200 crore to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state, and we are providing aid to the poor in the time of crisis,” he said. He announced an advance payment of pension of two months under all social security schemes and Rs 1,000 each to 21 lakh registered construction workers and masons so that they don’t run out of money to buy supplies for their families.

Though it did not feature in his budget speech, ‘Badavara Bandhu’ —  a scheme introduced by former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy — will also be put in action to provide a breather for the economically weaker sections. “Loans worth Rs 13.20 crore availed under Badavara Bandhu since 2018-19 will be waived off,” he said. The government will waive Rs 9.10 crore in ‘zero-interest loans’ availed by street vendors and hawkers in 2018-2019 and another Rs 5.16 crore taken in 2019-2020. In all, 15,120 people had taken interest-free loans in 2018-2019, while 6,500 small vendors took it in 2019-2020.
“We will also increase projects and number of workdays under MNREGA. Funds will be released in advance under the scheme,” he said on the floor of the Assembly.

Putting money in their pockets

Pension for 2 months under various schemes to be released in advance

Additional projects and workdays under MGNREGA to ensure jobs and wages

Ration in advance for two months to eligible cardholders

21 lakh construction workers to be given Rs 1000 each

Loans taken by street vendors and hawkers worth Rs 13.20 crore availed under the ‘Badavara Bandhu’ scheme since 2018 to be waived of

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