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BENGALURU: The newly-elected MLAs are yet to be inducted into Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s cabinet, but they are already fighting—not for plum portfolios, but for favourite car registration numbers.

This is because it is numerology that is ‘driving’ them to go in for a particular number. 

A day before their induction, these MLAs who will be sworn in as ministers on Thursday were placing their demand for particular cars. 

On Wednesday, the Department of Personnel and Administrative Services (DPAR) officials had parked 15 high-end cars at the Kumara Krupa guest house in Bengaluru. According to officials, all these cars are not brand new.

“We were told to keep the cars ready, most of them are Innova,” said the officials. They said the netas, after consulting their astrologers or numerologists, have come up with their ‘lucky’ numbers as per their date of birth.

“For instance, if one adds the digits in the registration number, one should get digits like 9, 2, 7 or 1, which are considered lucky. These numbers are on demand and the leaders are asking for cars with such ‘lucky’ numbers,” an official said.

Sources from DPAR said that on Wednesday, KR Pete MLA Narayana Gowda visited the Kumara Krupa guest house, looking for his ‘’lucky’’ number car.

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There is a car that has just a single digit 9.

“Narayana Gowda and ST Somashekar MLA from Yeshwantpur, are asking for the same car. Narayanagowda reportedly said that all his car registration numbers end with number nine, so he wants this particular car,’’ sources said. 

Vijayanagara MLA Anand Singh is not only particular about the car registration number but also about a particular colour.  

Singh owns at least 15 pink shirts and he wore shirts of different shades of this colour during campaigning in the bypolls as pink is his ‘lucky’ colour. 

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Officials said some netas also demand for a particular colour car which they consider lucky as per their date of birth.

It is not just registration numbers, the demand can stretch to bungalows too. Officials are in a fix as there are only three government bungalows available.

“Excluding ministers from Bengaluru, we may have to accommodate ministers from outside Bengaluru too and we have only three bungalows. The problem does not end here. Mantris who want to move in will be looking for ‘lucky’ door numbers as well as see if the bungalow is vaastu-compliant. They give letters to senior officials concerned in the DIPR, who will allot accordingly. We just hand over the keys as per instructions,’’ said an official on the condition of anonymity.

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