How to Test the Fan Clutch for any BMW with a Newspaper

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In this video we test the fan clutch or viscous coupling in a BMW #e39 sedan. The newspaper test as it is known, is where we test the functionality of the fan clutch at operating temperature (hot engine) to see if the clutch is engaging as it should. If working correctly, the newspaper forced into the fan blades should shred due to the strength of the fan and clutch. If the fan can easily be stopped with little force, the fan clutch is no longer engaging properly and the clutch must be replaced. This coupling cools down and releases the fan engagement while the car is moving/driving at speed; once parked, idling, in traffic it will engage again once it gets hot to allow for adequate airflow through the radiator to keep the engine cool. This is a crucial cooling system component to prevent the car from overheating. #saveabmw #bmwdiy


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