How Much Top YouTube Stars Make Per Minute of Video on Their Channels – Infographics

YouTube is the top online video platform in the world, with more than 1.8 billion logged-in users per month. What are all these people watching, and who are the top earners on YouTube? This list of lets players, makeup artists, and hit personalities are, according to Forbes, the highest earners on the platform.

With subscribers in the millions and views in the billions, these celebs get a lot of money through sponsorship deals, merchandising items from tee-shirts to socks, advertising dollars, and simply asking for donations. But if you were to compare their total yearly earnings against the duration of all their videos for the year added up together, about how much would these YouTube stars make per minute?

There are some surprising differences in how much content each creator makes; Jacksepticeye has more than 14,875 minutes of content for 2018 alone, whereas Dude Perfect only has slightly more than 253. See about how much these top YouTubers have made per minute of the video last year!

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How Much Top Youtube Stars Make Per Minute Video