History of Sports Betting In The USA – Infographics

A new era has dawned in the world of gambling since the ban was lifted by the Supreme Court. With the exception of a few, states have already passed bills or started to draft bills in order to regulate and legalize sports betting and other gambling activities within their state lines.

There are 12 states that currently offer some form of legal sports betting, and another 33 are expected to join by 2024.

This infographic from usgamblingsites.com provides a comprehensive overview of the history of sports betting in the US with details on legal and regulatory changes over time. It includes a detailed timeline of sports betting in America starting in 1894 up to present day, listing all the major hurdles and changes that have happened in the market.

Also included is a detailed breakdown of wagering on a state by state basis, as well as listings of the most bet on sporting events around the US.

History of Sports Betting In The US

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