Heathrow Airport Flight Paths vs Hotel Locations – Infographics

A map of London Heathrow Airport showing typical flight paths for departing and arriving aircraft. Both runways are included along with approach and departure patterns.

The main section of the image is a satellite view of London Heathrow. The image includes a reference for North along with an indication of central London in relation to the map.

Alongside the flight patterns, the map is marked with locations for the main hotel and accommodation districts for the airport. Those hotel areas that are subject to more noise pollution are indicated on the map by an alternate color to others.

The purpose of the map is to indicate those hotels that are more likely to be subjected to airport noise pollution than others. And so, if noise is a consideration, give hotel users a more informed decision on where to stay.

The infographic from youparkandfly.co.uk forms part of a wider article detailing Heathrow hotels with car parking.

Heathrow Flight Map


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