Gig Logs #14 and #15 | Home Studio Development | Two Wedding Gigs!!!

Whats up beautiful people?! Thanks for your interest in this video!

I’ve been rearranging my home office (It’s taking forever to finish) so everything’s still under development. You will see my background changing time to time on each video until I figure everything out for my home office. And to all my subscribers…. Thanks for tuning in on another video from me. You guys are AMAZING ( fo real, fo real!!!) So I’m not used to using the Numark MTPro3 so bare with me. I will be learning this controller so be sure to Subscribe to witness the outcome. I also want to add that I love these new Speaker/Monitor Stands by Rockville. It makes my home studio look sleek and organized. Although (Rockville….. If you’re reading this, Ya boy needs a Longer CABLE that connects both speakers. I can’t seem to find them anywhere online…. Please ASSIST!!!)…. So once again I bid you farewell and hope you enjoy this video…. See you all on the next video….. It’s coming up…. I swear….. Shortly…… I just Need to edit them…… BYEEEEeeeee!!!!


Gear List:
– Denon MC 4000
– Pioneer DDJ-SX2
– Furman Power Conditioner (M8-Lx | M8-DX)
– Electro Voice (2) ZLX-15P | (1) ZLX-12P
– Bose F1 System (2x)
– Bose S1 Pro
– Sennheiser G4 Lav Set
– Shure BLX
– Sony A5100
– GoPro Hero 7 Black