Eyelash Facts that Everyone with Lashes Should Know – Infographics

Everyone has lashes and even those of us with plenty of lash power want even more. So what is it about eyelashes that makes them so enviable? Well, it turns out they’re not just for vanity’s sake, although a quick look through these vital lash facts makes it clear that eyelashes have been serving as a measure of beauty for centuries.

Eyelashes actually serve a purpose – a very important purpose, which is possibly why we start growing them even while we’re in our mother’s womb! And that crucial functionality is not even the most interesting thing about eyelashes.

As you’ll soon discover, knowing a little bit about your lashes goes a long way toward knowing exactly how to take care of them so you can encourage them to perform at their very best. So if you’ve been fretting about short – and even lost or damaged lashes – here are some lash facts you should know so you can give your precious fringe the TLC that they need to grow thicker, fuller and longer!

Eyelash Facts


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