Karwar is the headquarter of Uttara Kannada district and is located in the state of Karnataka India. It is a seaside area and is situated on the side of the Kali River on the western side of the Indian peninsula.

Karwar gets its name from the nearby village of Kadwad (Kade Wada).

From March to May, the temperature can reach (24 °C and 32 °C) From December to February, the temperature is quite mild In monsoon, the average rainfall is 400 centimeters (160 in).

The total population of Karwar 157,739 as of 2014 by Indian Government. The average literacy rate of Karwar is 85%, which is higher than the national average of 74%: male literacy was 85%, and female literacy was 75%, 10% of the population is children under the age of 6.

Kannada is the official language of the city., Konkani is the native language of Karwar and is widely spoken among the locals. the major languages of Uttara Kannada are Kannada, Konkani, Urdu, Marathi,

Most people follow Hinduism. During the Portuguese settlement in Goa, Karwar was introduced to Christianity. From Bahmani states, Muslim merchants migrated to Karwar. Some of the noteworthy temples in Karwar are Sri Shejjeswara Temple, Kalika Temple, Sri Narasimha Temple, Sri Renuka Ellamma Temple, Adimaya Temple, Sri Mahadeva Temple, and Sri Durga Devi Temple.

Karwar is an agricultural area. Common crops are rice, peanuts, grains, onions, and watermelon. Other primary industries include animal husbandry, silk farming, horticulture, beekeeping, and woodworking.

Fishing is a major industry. Made with fishing boats and fishing nets. Shrimp farming is also done, especially because of the saltwater in the Kali river.

In Kaiga, Indian Nuclear Power Corporation operates a nuclear power plant. This nuclear power plant generates 880 MW power and is the 5th largest nuclear power plant in India. The Khadra Dam is operated by the Karnataka Electricity Corporation, on the Kali River, between Malpur and Kadra.

Karwar is known for its seafood eateries.

Internet Availability: Good
STD Code: 08382
Languages Spoken: Kannada, Konkani, Hindi, and English
Major Festivals: Karavali Ustav
Ideal Trip Duration: 2 Full Days
Nearest City to Karwar: Hubli (167 Kms), Panjim (Goa) (108 Kms)
Best Time to Visit Karwar: October to February
Peak Season: December to January
State: Karnataka | District: Uttara Kannada