Karnataka: Separate crematoriums, graveyards mooted for Covid-19 fatalities | Bengaluru News

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BENGALURU: With Covid-19 fatalities surging and cemeteries and crematoriums struggling to keep pace, the government has decided to set up designated burial grounds and crematorium across all major cities and towns in the state. In Bengaluru, the government plans to develop nine new crematoriums in addition to the existing 10.
“We have already invited tenders and work will begin soon. We have decided against developing designated burial grounds because of want of land and stiff opposition from residents,” said BBMP commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad. “Before crematoriums used to get 100 to 120 bodies, but now they get 165 or more,” Prasad said.
Municipal administration and urban development departments have already asked district deputy commissioners and civic body chiefs to identify open land to streamline disposal of Covid-19 bodies.
“Each of these burial grounds and crematoriums will be developed at a cost of Rs 25-30 lakh. The idea is to ensure patients who have died of Covid-19 get a dignified farewell,” said municipal administration minister KC Narayana Gowda. “These burial grounds and cremation centres will be reserved so that there is no confusion or commotion.”
The government plans to earmark one acre of land for burial grounds and crematoriums in all 30 districts. All religions and sects that bury their dead will be allowed to use these grounds.
Demands from communities who bury their dead to earmark space for last rites have been growing. But due to the shortage of burial grounds and stigma associated with Covid-19 fatalities, many bodies have been cremated. Residents living near burial grounds have also protested against burying Covid-19 dead there, while crematorium staffs have expressed anxiety in handling the bodies as they fear infection.
The government has instructed managements of burial grounds to demarcate space to bury Covid fatalities and to erect ‘Covid Graveyard’ signboards besides preparing a separate approach. The site will be protected with barbed-wire and it will have security room, waiting hall, rest rooms and other facilities. Only five people will be allowed to attend the last rites and they will be given disposable masks and sanitisers by the Covid liaison officer in the hospital.

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