50 Wise Quotes from the Star Wars Universe (Both Canon and Legends) – Infographics

“The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins — but in the heart of its strength lies its weakness: One lone candle is enough to hold it back. Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars.” — Narrator (from the Revenge of the Sith novelization).

Star Wars debuted on May 25th, 1977, and it remains one of the most significant and influential fictional worlds of all time. The legacy of Star Wars has evolved beyond the original films; there are now video games, television shows, novels, and comics that tell incredible stories, introduce iconic characters, and deliver us to new corners of the universe.

This infographic from playgroundequipment.com is a collection of wise, uplifting quotes from canon and expanded Star Wars material that is relevant to our own lives and the society that we live in. Dark side or light side, you are sure to find words that resonate with you.

50 Wise Quotes From Star Wars Universe