30 Reasons Why Play is Important for Children With Disabilities – Infographics

This infographic, which comes to you from PlaygroundEquipment.com, looks at 30 different reasons as to why play is important for children with disabilities. According to the International Play Association, “every child must be afforded equal opportunities to enjoy his or her right to play in their everyday lives.

Disabled children have the same right as other children to sufficient time and space to play freely, in the ways they choose, without being unduly overprotected.” Not only do the graphics feature some great quotes, but some interesting facts as well.

For example, did you know that studies have shown that outdoor play may be deeply effective in easing ADHD symptoms, all to promote a sense of calm and focus? Or the fact that through inclusive play, children gain a positive sense of self, self-esteem, and positive reinforcement of their identity! With several facts and great quotes on this infographic, what jumps out to you the most?

30 Reasons Play Important Children Disabilities

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